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GoMojo FAQ

General Questions

What does FAQ mean?
Frequently Asked Questions

What is/was "GoMojo Desktop"?
GoMojo started life as a desktop application for Windows with a Web based ticket search feature known as "Ticket Hunter". The Web site was gradually expanded to include increasingly more features and became known as "GoMojo Web", while the desktop application was referred to as "GoMojo Desktop". In 2008 support for the desktop application was dropped. However it may well appear in a different form sometime soon!

Questions about the GoMojo site

Can I use GoMojo on a mobile phone/tablet?
GoMojo is increasingly being designed with tablet users in mind. If you have a mobile running Android or IOS then you should also have full functionality, but navigation might be tricky. We cannot test on all the platforms out there. However if you have a compliant browser and a relatively large screen then you should be just fine! On mobile devices we generally recommend the Chrome browser.

Why is this FAQ so short?
Because GoMojo is so easy to use and never breaks... or because the rest hasn't been written yet!


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