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Free Adverting for Bands!

Please carefully read the terms and conditions of this offer below and sign up using the form.

The Free Banner Offer

Until further notice we are offering free banner advertising on GoMojo for bands (or individual music artists) that are either unsigned or signed to small independent labels. The only other requirements are:

  • You should be pushing the boundaries with your music. No copy cats and no tribute bands
  • You must have a public Web page with your own tracks. This could be on a social media site, i.e. you don't need to have your own band Web site
  • You must have a recent EP/album CD out (must be available to the UK and/or US at least through mail order) or recent new tracks available as digital downloads on a public Web site
  • You will not be considered if your lyrics contain racist or offensive material of any sort. We'll be the judge of what's acceptable and what isn't

If you apply for a free banner, you must accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Our decision about whether or not to run your banner is final. We will not enter into any discussion and we will not provide feedback. You will get a Yes or a No
  • We do not provide design services for free. You must either supply your own banner, which must be of high quality visually, or if you would like us to assist you with design, please let us know and we can give you a quote
  • Your graphical banner must be either generic for the band or specifically for your latest release. The banner must be in either GIF (256 colour, no animated GIFs!) or JPEG format, should be no larger than 730 pixels wide and 110 pixels high and must not contain offensive material or explicit nudity
  • Your banner graphic will be hosted by us and will point to your Web page
  • Your banner will be shown in rotation on selected pages that are part of GoMojo, mixed with free banners for other bands as well as commercial banners for products selected by us or our advertising partners
  • We make no guarantee about the level of exposure that your banner will receive, the frequency at which it is shown or uptime of the Web site
  • We reserve the right to withdraw your banner at any time
  • Similarly you can request for your banner to be removed at any time
  • You may also submit new banner graphics from time to time to replace the existing banner


Why are we offering free advertising? Simple. We want our users to discover new and exciting music, a commodity rarely found in the mainstream. However outside the mainstream, resources for advertising are usually limited. We firmly believe that this opportunity generates buzz for everyone involved.

If you want to get a banner up on GoMojo, please contact us using the form below (no banner to be submitted at this stage!). All fields are mandatory. We will review your application and let you know if we would like to run a banner for you. You will then submit your banner and pending final approval the banner will be put in rotation.

What do you owe us?

Nothing at all! We would very much appreciate a Like on Facebook or a link to GoMojo posted somewhere. A link to GoMojo from your band Web site (if you have one) would be particularly fantastic. If you mention us to other people - great. However you are under no obligation to do any of these things.

More than one Banner?

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MySpace/other Web page URL:
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I agree to the terms and conditions of the free banner offer


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