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For Your Consideration CD

The debut album from Taylor Mitchell and sadly the only one that we will ever have. The music is in the territory of country, folk rock, roots, but hard to categorise precisely. Taylor herself referred to it as Canadiana. There is an extraordinary maturity in the lyrics and vocal performance. People have compared Taylor Mitchell to her fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell and listening to the album reminds you in places of the likes of Patsy Cline and Karen Carpenter. The music and lyrics tell of a strong connection with nature, similar to the work of Heather Nova. However enough of the comparisons. Taylor Mitchell was an extraordinary up and coming artist in her own right and For Your Consideration is her timeless legacy. "Modern classic" is a bit of a cliche, but it's a suitable label for this album, more than any genre is. Even if you're not normally into country/folk/roots, give this one a chance - it might just be the best album you buy this year.
"It's hard to believe that Taylor Mitchell is just 18 years old. Her country-tinged folk pop sounds like it comes from someone of a completely different generation, and her voice has none of the tentative frailty we'd expect from someone her age". NOW Magazine.
"When George Bernard Shaw so famously noted that youth was wasted on the young, he hadn't heard Taylor Mitchell sing...All this and a powerful live show ripe with surprises: she has an already-accomplished stage manner and the ability to rock things into Crazy Horse territory with all the confidence of somebody twice her age". Exclaim!, Critics Pick.

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For Your Consideration HQ Download

For Your Consideration (see description of CD) as a digital download incl. front cover art. Superior audio quality thanks to our exceptionally high quality encoding (indistinguishable from the CD), which does the great musicianship on this album justice. We use 30-50% less compression than the major digital music stores. Ten tracks, total file size 100MB (AAC) or 117MB (Ogg Vorbis).

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