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Oh Boy CD

Another Paradise Motel album - Oh Boy! After the thematically and musically related albums Australian Ghost Story and I Still Hear You Voice At Night (like identical twins separated at birth), comes an album which truly stands on its own in the Paradise Motel collection. The neon letters on the front cover give a hint to lyrics that not only describe the remote spaces and small towns that we've become used to. The lyrics still frequently paint a picture of loss in many different forms, but the canvas is wider. Musically all the usual elements are there, but with greater variety than on the last two albums. The Spider is possibly the most ferocious Paradise Motel track ever, with a violin part that sounds like something out of mediaeval Scandinavian folk music. It shakes you, beats you up and leaves you on the ground, only to be picked up and wrapped in a soft blanket by the next track Walk Don't Walk, a beautiful melancholic sing-along. Merida Sussex sounds as strong as ever, but this is the first Paradise Motel album to be dominated by male voices (Charles Bickford and Esme McDonald), which is used to good effect. There are brief moments where both Nick Cave and Jim Morrison spring to mind. In spite of the variety, the band have once again achieved a true album, where every song is in the right place and a story is told from start to finish. Oh Boy will please existing fans, but at the same time provides something of a new direction for the band.
Comes in digipak with booklet containing all the lyrics.

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I Still Hear Your Voice At Night

The second post-reunion album from The Paradise Motel, recorded before Australian Ghost Story, but released in reverse order. ISHYVAN was released in digital form on 29th January - the birthday of late drummer Damien Hill's daughter. The CD release was delayed, but finally happened in March. The album is unchanged since it was recorded and mixed in 2008, the only difference being the order of the songs and a second mastering. While Australian Ghost Story was relatively subtle in its sound compared to the band's earlier output, ISHYVAN is far more intense with heavier instrumentation, at times akin to songs on Left Over Life To Kill (the EP and the album). Unlike Australian Ghost Story, ISHYVAN does not focus on a single incident, yet it still tells a story - one of longing, loss, redemption, grief and joy. The story is masterfully concluded in the final track (which is in fact the title track), referencing lyrics from the earlier tracks. There are too many highlights to mention, but Shipped as Ballast is undoubtedly one of the finest Paradise Motel songs ever, unpredictably twisting and turning both musically and lyrically through its 6 minutes 22 seconds and absolutely spot on perfectly mastered to bring out all the little details.
"Melancholic and magisterial... the rare band who return better... 4/5". Sydney Morning Herald.
"Not so much prefigures the coming of disaster, but represents the aftermath of violence... a remarkably complex and direct recording". Mess & Noise.
Comes in digipak with booklet containing all the lyrics.
Note: limited stock, last we could get from the band, some without shrink wrap and/or light scratches on the front cover, but these may be the last copies ever.

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Australian Ghost Story CD

After ten years scattered across the world, the members of The Paradise Motel made good on a promise and returned to the banks of the Yarra river to record Australian Ghost Story, a record concerned with the lives and events orbiting the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain. As much engaged with the character of the lonely nation as it is with the sad story at the heart of it, the album draws on Australian folklore, time travel and imagery from the dead centre to sing its song.
"As delicate and as subtle as the bands beloved Nineties output... This kind of history-haunted, story-oriented songwriting has found a real foothold in recent years, but The Paradise Motel did it first and did it best". Rolling Stone.
"Owing as much to modern myths of missing girls as to musical forebears like The Triffids and The Bad Seeds...a work of dark, atmospheric Australiana, addressing the local landscape with a literary reverie". The Big Issue.
Comes in digipak with a beautifully illustrated booklet that includes all the lyrics.

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Australian Ghost Story + ISHYVAN

Get Australian Ghost Story and I Still Hear Your Voice At Night together at a reduced price! Note that these are the two individual albums, not a double album. Dispatched from the UK.
Note: ISHYVAN is now limited stock, last we could get from the band, some without shrink wrap and/or light scratches on the front cover, but these may be the last copies ever.

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