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A Universe Between Us CD

A Universe Between Us is the result of Marsh's shift from old skool rock traditions, the consolidation of a broad sweep of influences absorbed over the last decade and an inspired collaboration with first time producer Katharine Blake. Blake, the founder of the No.1 selling classical act Mediaeval Baebes and avant garde/gothic band Miranda Sex Garden, provides the lithe and luxurious strings and additional vocals, whilst other guest performers include: Ray Hanson (Thee Hypnotics), Mike Servant (Miranda Sex Garden), Vince Johnson (Daisy Chainsaw), David Ryder-Prangely (Rachel Stamp), David Francolini (Levitation, Dark Star) and Matt Fisher (The Servant) to name but a few.
Marsh may have 'the bus fare to nowhere' but along with Babylonian whores and shape-shifting aliens, he takes us on a seductive, sensational road trip of the heart. Dispatched from the UK.

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A Universe Between Us CD First Edition

Same track listing as the new edition, but different artwork. No more of these will be produced.

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