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Welcome to GoMojo's independent music shop. Forget about manufactured muzak and talent shows, this is the real deal. We work directly with the artists to bring you their music, cutting out greedy middlemen. Have a look, have a listen and fill that basket!

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Merry Ellen Kirk - Invisible War

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Glen Campbell:

Follow Glen Campbell (Rhinestone Cowboy, Wichita Lineman) on his final tour as he battles Alzheimer's Disease. An extraordinary documentary celebrating the music of this great entertainer and his determination to carry on playing for as long as possible.

From the Deep:

Combining the classically Gothic sensibility of Katharine Blake with the dirty exotica of Nick Marsh, From the Deep scale the dizzy heights of the impossibly romantic, and plumb the depths of Bacchanalian depravity.

The Paradise Motel:

The Australian masters of dark folk returned after a 10 year break in 2010 with the album Australian Ghost Story. This was followed up by I Still Hear Your Voice At Night, both of them as menacing and beautiful as their early recordings. The band, whose debut was described as "possibly the finest debut EP by a band in Australian music history", have lost nothing of their mesmerising quality and invite you to listen to their stories once again. Latest album Oh Boy was released on 1st September 2013. The story continues...

Taylor Mitchell:

She was only 18 years old when she released her debut album, supported by an all star cast of Canadian musicians. The media compared her to Joni Mitchell. Her music was a unique blend of folk, country and rock and her vocal performance brought back memories of great singers from decades back. She went on a solo tour and tragically died while hiking in Nova Scotia. She left us with the album For Your Consideration...

The Shadow Kabinet:

Sit back, place your ears twenty-four inches apart and enjoy a journey in Shadowphonic Stereo Sound through some of the grooviest tunes to massage your ears in this or any other year. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Shadow Kabinet...

Jocelyn West:

Classically trained, a voice as pure as a mountain stream and able to play more instruments than you can throw a drum stick at - Jocelyn is a musical force to be reckoned with. She was one of the original members of Miranda Sex Garden, she has worked with David Lynch (Twin Peaks) and performed medieval music with Sinfonye. Her first solo album requires your full and immediate attention...

Katharine Blake:

From busking in Portobello Road over madrigals and ethereal alternative rock with Miranda Sex Garden to the siren song of the Mediaeval Baebes and now as a solo artist combining all of these elements...

Nick Marsh:

Best known as the unstoppable front man of Flesh for Lulu in the 80s, Nick Marsh never felt inclined to put down that guitar. As a solo artist he created an album that would have made Frank Sinatra weep - for all the right reasons...

Stories From The Moon:

An extraordinary multi-collaborative project headed by Ben Golomstock from Miranda Sex Garden and The Naked Goat. Stories From The Moon is an 18-track journey through dreams and nightmares, late nights and early mornings and somewhere in between. Come along if you dare...

Merry Ellen Kirk:

Raised in Mongolia and now a resident of Nashville, Merry Ellen Kirk finds inspiration in the mystical rhythms and melodies of a global community. She lists Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Danny Elfman among her influences - and that's just a vague approximation to what you will hear on her debut album Invisible War. She insists on creating music outside the box of safe marketability and wants to build an orphanage in Mongolia. Enough said, now go listen to the girl...



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