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Razor GoMojo - Features and History

Please have a look at the slideshow and read the story. Know your Mojo. Note that some of the features shown in the slideshow are historical and no longer available.

Ask what Razor GoMojo can do for you

Now let's establish what GoMojo is not:
  • GoMojo is not the bitch of controlled by a big media corporation or record label. We are independent
  • GoMojo is not a place for sharing illegal downloads or doing a bit of second hand ticket business. We're into sharing information and we support face value ticket exchange only
  • GoMojo is not the biggest site on the Web with an army of developers, but it's a site with a heart. Feel the love!
Right then what is GoMojo?
  • GoMojo is a search tool for music information of all sorts.
  • GoMojo is a shop that sells CDs and downloads from exceptional independent artists
  • If you are an artist then GoMojo is a way for you to sell your music and connect with your fans. More profit for you and you even get to work with a real person, not just an automated system
  • GoMojo is a label that releases and distributes original music

A not so brief history of Razor GoMojo

Razor GoMojo was not conceived by two dudes in a garage in sunny California. It was in fact conceived by one dude in a converted flat in not-very-sunny North London (UK). However since this dude had been to several great gigs at The Garage and Upstairs at the Garage (London venues) in his time, he still felt that he was qualified to start a new Internet "thing".

In 2005 Casper found himself playing around with socalled Web 2.0 technologies and started creating a monster. It was a Windows desktop application, which combined a calendar and alert system for tickets going on sale, a feed reader, an advanced product browser for Amazon, an automatic photo tagging tool and uploader for Flickr and more. A true mash-up of technologies aiming to be the ultimate toolbox for music fans. Unfortunately it was too scary a proposition for most of them, when it was unleashed in the summer of 2006 under the name GoMojo. "Great idea, but I'm not remotely technical" they said. One particular fan, on receiving a free CD with the installer at a gig, added "If this does anything bad to my PC, I'll hunt you down like a dog". Casper sensed a distinct lack of enthusiasm for his creation!

So it was that Casper started the long process of bringing GoMojo to the Web. He put the kettle on and armed himself with a frightening amount of coffee (organic and fairtrade for extra smooth coding).

GoMojo is free to use. However you can support the project by buying stuff through links in GoMojo. Please do.

One word remains: Enjoy....


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